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Pets4Luv Foundation’s mission Pets4Luv Foundation is a 100% volunteer based 501©3 Non-Profit animal Rescue whose priority is not only to help as many of these wonderful pets that have been abandoned and abused but also to give them the care and medical help they need while finding them their new and loving forever homes. Our second and very important, but difficult priority is to educate society on the care and responsibility towards animals. Pets4Luv’s goal is to change the myths, misconceptions, ignorance and outright ability of people to just turn their backs and allow inhumane and outdated beliefs and laws to continue. We are working on trying to place animal rescue in malls. By the high visibility to the public it gives us the opportunity to inform them that there are more options available than just pet stores selling improperly cared for and often mistreated and abused dogs and cats for exorbitant prices. Part of this goal to enlighten people that you can adopt almost every type of pet you could want and in the process save a life. 

At Pets4Luv Foundation, we are dedicated to the welfare and well-being of the animals we have in our care. Not only are we dedicated to providing the animals with love and support while here, but we are also dedicated to finding them a home for the long run. A number of pets have been abandoned and abused, so we work hard to provide them with the nurturing and care that they need to recover at our Long Island cat rescue. We also try to educate society on the perils that accompany leaving a pet unattended on the streets of town. We need to stop allowing others to abuse these animals and start doing something about it. Once you have the chance to explore our amazing dog rescue on Long Island, you will understand what it is that makes us as amazing as we are today.

Once we have had the chance to nurture the animals back to health, we work to provide them with dog adoption Long Island to get them into loving homes. We strive to work together to help ensure the healthy and vitality of all these animals that have been abused and neglected from their previous owners. We want to help them get into a place where they are loved and cared for by owners that value them as a pet. Stop on in to see all of the different animals we have in our facility. You will have a hard time picking just one to call your own.
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Bringing Families Together One Rescue at a Time
Any donation you can give, whether it is $1 or $100, is greatly appreciated! 100% of all donations go to the care and keeping of our animals.

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We are excited to share that construction is progressing!
A huge thank you to Tom and the Hofstra Habitat for Humanity Chapter for stepping forward to help us. (You can check out the amazing work they do here: It will be a slower process as the students are only available on the weekends but as you can see they are doing an amazing job and working hard. 
So much has been accomplished but we still have so far to go to be completed. If you have contracting experience and have some extra time to volunteer please contact us at 516-860-7057516-860-7057. 

We, at Pets4Luv, look at the work that has been done and can see all of our hopes for this space becoming a reality. 

We hope to be open in the beginning of February so please keep an eye on Pets4Luv’s website, Facebook page and your inbox for our grand opening.

Thank you for all of your continued support!

Pets4luv Foundation