Informational Flyers 
This section we have dedicated to flyers, pamphlets and articles that we have come across that have some helpful information. They are all saved in a pdf format and can be printed (just make sure not to remove the source information from the the pages). Check back often as we will always be adding to this section as we find new material.
Travel, evacuations, summer & winter weather safety and first aid 
Thinking about adopting? Some good information to read before heading out to find your new family member.
Declawing and Devocalization
Many don't fully understand what is involved with declawing of cats and the devocalization of cats & dogs. Aside from the risk of having surgery, there are additional, potentially life threatening or altering risks to these surgeries that most vets don't even discuss with their patients. Please if you are thinking of having either of these surgeries done on your animal start by reading the information below. Educate yourself on these procedures and understand why it is an unnecessary and cruel surgery.
Behavioral Information
Choosing a Dog Trainer & Understanding Different Equipment
There are many dog trainers, dog training methods and equipment out there, it is hard to know which one to choose. These are some helpful articles about what to look for in a trainer and the different training equipment. Always remember since every dog and every owner is different there can be no guarantees and no quick fixes. Do your homework, understand the different methods and if the training or trainer makes you uncomfortable find a new trainer. 
Kids and Animals
Safety is always a concern when animals and kids are together. These are a few of the ones we have found that can teach what to look for to help keep an uncomfortable situation into a potentially dangerous one for both the animal and/or the child. 
What To Do On Long Island With Your Dog
Information About Special Needs Animals
Feline Aids or FIV
Just Adopted? Here are some helpful articles that will get you through the first few weeks
Pet Nutrition
Looking to Surrender Your Pet?
Please consider all of your options before bringing your pet to your local animal shelter. Many times all you need is a little help and there are resources out there to provide that assistance. If you must surrender your pet please consider going through a reputable rescue organization. Don't use Craig's List, a paper or just dumping them outside. It is a dangerous world for our animals so let's try to keep them safe.
Dog bites and dog attacks are a dangerous occurrence that happens for a variety of different reasons. Educate yourself on dog body language and what you can do if a bite or attack happens to possibly lessen the severity of the situation.The most important thing is to try to get out of the situation before the dog feels the need to bite. 
Pet Loss

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