Dog Adoption Information
It takes approximately 3 - 7 days to complete the adoption process starting from the time Pets4Luv receives a signed adoption application. Please read the information below before printing out the application.
Canine Adoption Requirements and Process

Adoption Requirements:
1) Pets4Luv does not permit devocalization, ear cropping or tail docking of an animal unless it is a medical necessity.
2) The dog will live inside the home, not outside or in a place of business.
3) The dog will be a companion animal only and will not be used for hunting, dog fighting, guarding or any other commercial use. The adopter also agrees that the animal will not be used for the purpose of testing, experimentation, as a food source or other inhumane purposes. 
4) Pets4luv strongly suggests all dogs be enrolled in obedience training, either private or group lessons. Also, be advised that Pets4Luv does not condone the use of electronic shock collars or prong collars for any purpose.
5) All animals will be brought up to date on vaccinations and spayed/neutered before adoption
6) It is the policy of Pets4Luv that all current pets in the home are spayed/neutered & up to date on all vaccines.

Application Process and Requirements:
1) A fully completed adoption application and any additional addendum's (if needed)
2) 3 non-related personal references & 1 veterinary reference 
3) Animals must be permitted where you live. If renting, landlord contact information must be provided.

Home Check Process and Requirements:
1) Home check is completed to ensure it is a safe and proper environment for your potential pet 
2) Any pool or water feature must have safety measures to ensure dog cannot get into the water.
3) Must have a fully enclosed fenced backyard (or a fenced area of acceptable size) electronic fencing is not acceptable. Potential adopters without a fenced yard will be reviewed on a case by case basis.  

Meet & Greet Process and Requirements:
1) We must meet all household members before the adoption is completed.
2) Must complete a minimum of 1 meet & greets with any current household pets

Follow Up After Adoption:
The adopter agrees to scheduled and unscheduled follow up phone calls and/or home visits to check on the health and well-being of the pet after adoption.  

Medical After Adoption:
1) Pets4Luv will cover the cost of an undiagnosed (at the time of adoption) medical problem within the first 2 weeks after adoption provided that condition or illness is not a direct result of the adopter or the new living environment. The adopter must notify Pets4Luv of the problem immediately and bring the pet to a veterinarian that Pets4Luv has a working relationship with. The veterinary visit must be approved by a Pets4Luv Authorized Representative before the medical expense will be covered unless it is a medical emergency not caused by the adopter.  
2) Pets4Luv will not be held responsible for any future health problems, including inherited or genetic, after the above mentioned time limits.
3) Pets4Luv requests to be notified of any health conditions that may occur in the life of the pet. Pets4Luv may be able to offer assistance. In the event of determined financial hardship 

Adoption donation can be paid by cash, money order or bank check made out to Pets4Luv or by Mastercard or Visa credit card.

Adoption donations are non-refundable after 7 days unless due to a major health issue not caused by the adopter or the living environment. The adopter can request a refund of the adoption donation for up to 60 days if the pet is being returned to Pets4Luv Foundation due to a major health issue as stated in the Adoption Agreement
Adoption Donation Includes:

1)1st yr of mandatory vaccines: Rabies, DAPP (Distemper, Adenovirus Parainfluenza, & Parvovirus) if a puppy or annual set of vaccines if over 1 year old. 

2) Heartworm Test 

3) Fecal testing

4) Deworming

5) Spay/Neuter - All animals will be spayed or neutered before adoption unless there is a medical reason for it not to be completed prior. If an animal goes to it’s new home before it is complete a signed Spay/Neuter Agreement must accompany the original Adoption Agreement. Pets4Luv will advise the adopter when the spay/neuter must be completed by and the veterinarian to bring the animal to. It is the responsibility of the adopter to make the appointment and to provide transportation for the animal to have the procedure done.

6) Microchip
Dhpp - 4 shots, two to three weeks apart, starting at 6 to 8 weeks of age. Bordatella two shots starting at ten weeks of age.ugh) two shots starting at ten weeks of age. Rabies one shot must be 16 weeks of age. Influenza two shots usually start after ten weeks of age. Lyme two shots usually after twelve weeks. Leptospirosis two shots usually start after ten weeks.
Any donation you can give, whether it is $1 or $100, is greatly appreciated! 

100% of all donations go to the care and keeping of our animals

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If any of the adoption policies are not adhered to Pets4Luv retains the right to remove the animal from their premises.

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Hicksville, NY     516-860-7057
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